Friday, November 2, 2012

WH40K Kill Team: Matney's Roster

The Sacred Rose by CELENG (DeviantArt)
Dave here.  This weekend, Eric and I -- as well as a few friends -- are going to spend some time playing some Warhammer 40k.  Specifically, 200 point Kill Teams.

You can find rules on Kill Teams all over the place online, but the common theme is that they're 200 points and that you can pay the per-model price for less-than-standard sized units (Want only a pair of Space Marines?  Sixteen points each!).

A lot of Kill Team rules state that you can only take Troops, Fast Attack, and Elites.  Some allow Heavy Support, almost none allow HQs.  And almost all of them allow you to take upgrades to your units without worrying about prerequisites (wanna make a Deathwing Terminator an Apothecary? Thirty points!).

We decided to not worry about disallowing HQs or Heavy Support -- that may bite us in the ass, later, but right now we feel like the rules are fairly balanced and if someone wants to blow half of their budget on a Predator then they just have to accept that they won't have much else.

For my own list, I had a handful of ideals.  I wanted to run Dark Angels and Sisters of Battle together, I had a handful of things I wanted to run, lots of upgrades, and I wanted to run at least six models, total.   I don't have a strategy beyond that -- I figure this is just for fun, and if my list totally sucks, at least I'm running a Sister Repentia next to a Deathwing Terminator.

My list is as follows:

1 Deathwing Terminator (Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield, Cyclone Missile Launcher)
1 Sister Repentia
2 Dark Angel Space Marines (1 w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 w/ Multi-Melta)
1 Seraphim Sister (2 hand flamers)
1 Retributor Sister (Heavy Flamer)

My biggest weakness, as I see it right now, is my entire team has 6 wounds, total.  My backup plan is as follows:

1 Deathwing Terminator (Storm Bolter / Chain Fist)
3 Space Marines (1 w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 w/ Multi-Melta)
1 Seraphim Sister Superior (Chainsword / Plasma pistol)
2 Retributor Sisters (1 w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 w/ Heavy Flamer)

It doesn't net me much, but it feels more flexible.


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