Saturday, October 27, 2012

They Call Me..... Erock

     So, My name is Eric. I was affectionately defined ass a crasshole (crass asshole) by my long time clan of like minded nerd cohorts. I earned this illustrious title due to my need to speak my mind and always point out the elephant in the room no matter how much every one wants to ignore it...and i'm kind of a dick (but always in jest)
One of my painted minis
     I am an avid Table Top RPG player. My first love is  Warhammer 40k. I have a stupid huge collection of miniatures, most of which are unpainted (because I have a stupid huge collection). I love everything about the game. The story behind the armies and universe enthralls me. Everything is done in ridiculous proportions, and they wield weaponized chainsaws for crying out loud. It's hard to beat the visceral enjoyment that is gained from hitting some one in the face with stick covered in moving rape spikes. Sounds like win win to me. 

    I go to school and stuff too. Ya know, and other boring things that don't involve gaming       

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