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Matney here.  Erock and I have been playing with most of the same people for over a decade, now.  Quite a few have come and gone, and right now we have a few new faces (one of which is literally newer than this gaming group).

As we get into game reports, I don't want to have to re-explain who everyone is (DRY - consider this my function), and it'll be nice to have a poorly drawn cartoon face to put to names (as I make them). Character names will be added/corrected as I remember/rediscover them -- also, the list at the bottom of honorable mentions will grow as I honorably-mention people.

  • Matney -- That's me -- I run this blog, GM the current Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms games. I'm married to K-ris, and Squink's older brother.  Though I've only ever played two dwarves in D&D, I have been pigeon holed to play dwarven clerics; I play White and Green Magic decks, and my preferred 40k armies are Dark Angels and Sisters of Battle.
    • Erock -- Author on this blog, Evan's brother, and our resident 40k fiend.  He tends to play heavy-armor wearing warriors and barbarians, Red and Black Magic decks, and Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marines in 40k (also notable is that he owns 99% of the models we use in 40k and it's always at his house).
    • Evan -- Erock's brother, Matney's best friend.  He hosts the Multi-GM game at his place, though his turn hasn't come up, yet, and has ran 90% of the games we've played.  He tends to play rogues, excels with Blue and Black Magic decks, and if he ever playes 40k, he'll play Necrons.
    • Sarah -- Evan's wife.  Loves the crap out of dragons and science.  She's pigeon-holed as playing Elven rangers, though I've never witnessed it.  She LOOOVES writing back story and describing her characters.  She plays Magic, too, but I've never witnessed it.
    • Sirus -- He works late, allergic to everything
    • Triston -- Simply loves playing games, but school is his current priority.
    People who may come back:
    • Tammy -- Ammon and Aaron's mom (they call her halfling, 'cause she's short).  She likes wine coolers and swearing, and I'm pretty sure she comes to game to hang out with people (we refer to our game nights as our poker nights -- the games are secondary to getting together and enjoying each other's company). 
    • Ammon -- Aaron's brother.  Seventeen years old and six-foot-five, he's new to most of this stuff, and hasn't really built a preference (except for Necrons... he loves him some Deathmarks).
    • Aaron -- Ammon's brother.  Fifteen and also tall (probably close to 6 foot).  Has Asperger's Syndrome and is hyper logical and literal.  He makes incredibly vicious Magic decks, of any color, changes characters pretty often in the RPGs, and enjoys 40k (says he likes Eldar).
    • Hillbone (Not to be confused with The Brad) -- one half of the pair-of-twins affectionately called Hillbone (the pair, both as a singular and a whole). Brings beer to our games; loves anime, westerns, kung-fu and B movies.  He tends to play characters who will fit in anime, westerns, kung-fu and B movies.
    • The Brad -- the other Hillbone.  To say he's exactly like his brother, RPG terms anyway, is a huge disservice... but he's exactly like his brother, with a slightly better grasp of the rules.  He rocks a killer handlebar mustache.
    • K-ris -- Dave's wife, Tammy's best friend, Ninja's mom, dog lover and dreadlock-wearer.  She avoided playing D&D for over a decade, then decided to start playing when I told Ammon, Aaron, and Tammy I would run a game for them.  She's now a geek (don't let her tell you otherwise).
    • Terry -- Our Jedi, or at least the only person we play with regularly who loves Star Wars.  He loves everything about gaming (he's currently reading 2nd Edition AD&D books FOR FUN), and is our D&D Next expert.
    • Squink -- Dave's brother.  He comes around about once a year, plays weird characters with accents (then stops coming to game).

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