Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Update: November 2-4, 2012

Taken from TSR Info
Matney here.  Most of our geek-stuff happens on Friday and Saturday nights, which is also where we have the least amount of time to keep the blog updated, so I'm starting a new series for Weekend Updates where I'll briefly recap everything and link to the more in-depth blogs.  Welcome to Weekend Update #1!

Friday, Nov. 2

We were supposed to play Ravenloft on Friday, but instead my wife ended up in the ER (it's a reoccurring theme, these last few weeks), so instead Eric ran the Multi-GM game. Here's his recap!

Saturday, Nov. 3

Saturday we spent 8 hours playing Warhammer 40k -- we explored the 200 point Kill Team format, and ran a 2-on-2 1520 point game as well.

Sunday, Nov. 4

I finally got around to buying some more primer, so I'm back to painting.  This time, it's a super awesome Pathfinder dwarf from Reaper.

This is actually a lie -- I didn't start this on the 4th, nor did I work on it on the 4th, but I did work on it this weekend.

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