Game's We're Playing

Like all gaming groups, we rotate through campaigns and games from time to time.  The one's we're currently playing are:

  • Pathfinder:
    • Iron Gods
    • Rise of the Rune Lords -- this game is currently in hiatus, but we plan on picking it back up.
  • World of Darkness
    • A post-apocalyptic / high fantasy / multi-genre game being ran by Sirus
  • Marvel Heroic
    • This is our pickup game -- if Triston is there, and we're not playing anything else, we're playing this.
  • Malifaux (Matney's new obsession)
    • Warhammer 40k (this is new to our group, but Erock's been playing forever.)
    These are the games we have played:
    • Pathfinder (Each of these has been mentioned, but fizzled out for one reason or another.)
      • Our Multi-GM game in our scratch-built setting where everyone runs at least a few games
      • Paths Through the Mists -- our Ravenloft game, ran by Matney.
      • "The Saturday Game" -- Forgotten Realms / Undermountain game

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