Monday, November 5, 2012

Stop Looking at me like that!

"This used to be such a nice place"

 So we started our multi-gm pathfinder game on October 27th. We began in a tavern somewhere close to the border of Barbarianania (not it's official name). The players were there to do a bit of searching in hopes of finding some clues about the location of fragments of an ancient tablet with the power to seal the rift in the lands of the damned (Barbarianania). While Ammon searched for clues, Hillbone decided to find a fine maiden to spend the evening romancing. He hefted his mighty D20 and gave it a hearty toss..... he rolled a 1. 


Hillbones masterful display of social ninjitsu effectively decapitated any chance of  an innocent dance, with ANY girl in that Inn. His Rape Eyes sealed his fate. Only Lord Busey could best such a noble display of criminal intent. 

Luckily Ammon was able to get the information necessary and the party is off to Barbarianania. Stay tuned for session 2.  

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