Friday, October 26, 2012

About Matney

Hi, I'm Dave Matney (and this is my nephew Dean -- I'd normally keep him out of it, but this is probably one of the best recent pics of me), and this is my geek blog.  I run a severely outdated music and sound blog at, where I've been trying to post things related to only my music, sound, film, and video game work, and I've had virtually nowhere to talk about what I do on my nights and weekends.

I've been rolling to-hits since I was thirteen or fourteen, and have the THAC0 to prove it.  It all started with HeroQuest -- my brother, our friends, and I played that game until we were trying to make our own dungeons but the support for that was just awful, so we slogged over to our FLGS to look through their stuff to see if there were any additional adventures we could buy for HeroQuest, and the old Black Box D&D set called out to us.  From there, it was downhill... our friends' dad just happened to have a bunch of 1st Ed. books, a drama degree, and a desire to be a mentor to a bunch of punk kids, and I haven't put down the dice, since (except that one time I discovered girls, but that's for a totally different blog).

To date, I've played and ran every iteration of  D&D (and Pathfinder); Palladium's Rifts, Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited, and Ninja Turtles; White Wolf's old and new World of Darkness (virtually every product line), in both tabletop and LARP formats; various Star Wars RPGs; Warhammer 40k; and Magic: the Gathering... and probably a few I'm forgetting.  I won't say no to most games.  I've also been behind the GM screen for quite a bit of those games, including running the at-the-time largest World of Darkness LARP in Salt Lake City, UT (the Camarilla sent spies to see what we were doing to steal players from them -- turns out, the only thing we did differently was not have to deal with regional/national/global approval).

Right now, the current games I'm playing are M:tG, Pathfinder, and I'm obsessing over Warhammer 40k. I'm also running two Pathfinder games, one in Ravenloft, and one in Forgotten Realms. I've recently returned to painting minis, as well.

So, stick around, and I'm sure I'll at least link something worth checking out. :)

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