Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to Basics: Demon pt. 2

*The model looks WAY better in this lighting than it does under scrutiny.

Two blog posts in one day... if this wasn't the third post, total, I'd feel like I should say, "don't get used to it."  Except I just said it, and it's true that you shouldn't get used to it.  I just had a lot of spare time, today.

I hit the demon with Liquitex Burnt Sienna and Liquitex Raw Umber on its body and horns, respectively.*  I got a much better flow out of my Burnt Sienna, and thought I had it figured out until my Raw Umber was too runny.  I need to remember I can add more water, I can't remove it, and water is WAY cheaper than paint.

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