Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to Basics: Demon pt. 3 - Washes

Dave here.  In Part 1, we saw my first base coat -- where I thought the mini was a gargoyle. In Part 2, I did a proper basecoat for a demon, and experimented more with the flow of my paint.  Now, in Part 3, I'm going to talk about my very first attempts at washes, ever.

I've been experimenting more to get a good paint flow -- I've added a single drop of dish soap to my 3 oz. water bottle, and I've been trying to err on too little water.  I didn't do -any- base coating, today, so I probably still used more water than I needed to.

So, first things first, I hit all the red spots with a wash (attempting a glaze, really) of Luiquitex Quinacridone Magenta, which looked like it was going to be far too pink for my liking.  Luckily, it dried a lot fainter than I'd expected, and I moved onto my dark washes.  I hit the entire model with a wash of the same Liquitex Raw Umber I used for the horns' base coat, and once that dried I did it again.  On that one, I made the mistake of leaving a few streaks in relatively smooth areas (you can see it pretty clearly in his chest I know it looks like there's one on his chest, but it's a weird groove, as far as I can tell), and in the grooves of his wings.  Finally, I hit all the darker areas with a VERY thin wash of Liquitex Ivory Black.

At this point, until I get a dedicated drybrush for highlights, this guy is on hiatus.  Up next, either an old hobbit mini from Ral Partha (if I can find the model) or a Pathfinder dwarf from Reaper (if I can find my primer).

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